Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney for Your Family

Choosing the right estate planning attorney can be a difficult process. How do you know the attorney can meet your goals? How do you know the attorney has the experience to choose the estate plan that is right for you?

Making this decision can be difficult, but at the Larson Law Firm we want our clients to know that they are making the right choice in choosing an estate planning attorney.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney:

  • Practice Areas: Does the attorney practice in more than just estate planning? How much of the practice is dedicated to estate planning? Focusing our practice on estate planning and business formation is what makes us a better choice than a general practitioner. We only represent clients in estate planning matters. We are familiar with and stay updated on the laws and how it affects our estate planning clients.
  • Experience: Experience is a very important part of being a lawyer. You should make sure you are choosing an attorney who has handled cases like yours before. If you are a doctor, has the attorney handled estate plans for doctors and their families before?
  • Time Dedicated to Your Case: Does the attorney have time for you? Do they remember who you are and the facts of your case? Some attorneys handle so many cases, that they struggle to keep track and make time for them all. If you are regularly meeting with the attorney’s staff, or if you never are able to talk to your attorney in person or on the phone, you may need to find a new attorney.
  • Affordable Rates: At the Larson Law Firm, we strive to make our rates affordable for our clients. We offer our estate plans in packages, and make flat fee arrangements with our clients. This allows us to make sure you have all the documents that you need and you can ask as many questions as are necessary for you to understand your estate plan, without receiving more and more attorney bills.
  • Ethical Representation: Many estate planning and asset protection attorneys will make you feel as though you are hiding your assets or that you are doing something dishonest. At the Larson Law Firm, we make sure that you know that everything we do to protect your assets is supported by state and federal laws. You can feel comfortable that no laws or ethical rules are being broken when you work with our attorneys to protect your assets.
  • Comfortable and Reliable Attorneys: In the end, you will need to work with an attorney that you feel comfortable with. After all, you will likely be working with your estate planning attorney for the rest of your life, and your children and beneficiaries will be working with them after that. If you feel uncomfortable calling or emailing your attorney, it may be time to consider a change.

Learn how to choose the right attorney. Contact the Larson Law Firm today if you need an estate plan, or if you feel that you may need to find a new estate planning attorney. We will work with you and your family to determine what you have in place as well as what you may need to have in place to ensure your assets are protected and your goals are achieved. We have Missouri offices in St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, and Kansas City, and our attorneys are licensed in Illinois to meet your estate planning needs.